Alix2D3 RRD Graphing BUG!

  • I'm using an Alix 2D3 running pfSense 2.0 RELEASE and the RRD Graphs (Traffic& Traffic) stopped working after I changed from PPPoE Interface on a Bridged Modem to using DHCP Interface on a 2Wire DMZ+ modem. Even after a reboot, it still does not work. This had NEVER happened when I was using pfSense 1.2.3.

    I test alot of DSL modems and pfSense is located on while the modems are on or or

    WILL I have to start from scratch or reset pfSense to factory defaults?

  • It appears to be a bug (Switching from PPPoE to DHCP causes RRD Traffic & Packets Graphs to Stop working), even after doing a "Reset to Factory Defaults" it is STILL broken=Nothing is Graphed!! :-[ :-[ :-[

    Edit: Finally by clicking "Reset RRD Data" the Graphs are Working again…. EXCEPT for the Quality RRD Graphs, which is Blank...

  • I FINALLY fixed the Broken RRD Quality Graphs by copying the other slice over the one with the broken RRD Graphs….  Seems the RRD Graphs still needs some more work... as it becomes BUGGY if one changes WAN Interface Types...  The RRD Quality Graphs will vanish permanently if one does a "Reset RRD Data" under Settings.

  • Confirmed on my end too.  If you delete the RRD data, the quality file(s) is not regenerated.

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