Cannot access webgui

  • Clean install of pfsense 2.0 on a NeoWare thin client.  Have been running 1.2.3 on this same hardware for 18 months with no issues.  The USB stick finally failed so I decided to start clean with 2.0.

    Used the live CD, booted, set the LAN and WAN interface and then choose option 99 to install to HDD.  In my case, I am installing to USB stick.

    At the end of the install, it let me choose which kernel, and I choose the embedded kernel since this is a USB stick.  Machine reboots, I wait for the audible chime…

    I can ping, pfsense is working fine, internet working, DHCP working, etc.

    However, I cannot access webgui at

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Have you tried BOTH http and https?

  • @wallabybob:

    Have you tried BOTH http and https?

    Yes.  I also confirmed that using the live cd, the web console comes up just fine (http).

  • I re-installed, this time using the default kernel rather than the embedded kernel.  Everything works fine.  The webgui comes right up.

    The embedded kernel and my hardware dont seem to get along.

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