No DHCP for WAN on Cisco DPC3010

  • Just got cable service from Cox and got the Cisco DPC3010 DOCSIS Modem. I get a good connection when o go modem > PC but i cant get a connection on my pfSense box.

  • 1.  Call and verify they have the right cable modem mac address for your account.

    2. Verify that when you plug your ethernet cable into the ports that they light up indicating connection.

    3. Verify on your WAN page that you are set for DHCP.

    4. Verify on the "Status/Services" page that the DHCP service is in deed running.

    5. Start the modem first and then power up your pfSense box after the modem finishes syncing.

    If you change devices on the modem you must power it down and restart it.

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