Squid Cache & Disk Usage in system status

  • Our pfSense box has a 40gb hard drive and I have the squid cache set to 10gb.  After a few days of use (about 700mb bandwidth per day) the disk usage on the system status page still shows zero %.  Does that figure only count the pfsense system files and not packages / squid cache?  It's not a big deal, I'd just like to know that things are being cached and keep an eye on HD usage.

    We just implemented our squid box over the weekend and all is going great.  Thanks for everyone's help in getting the package back up and running, especially databeestje.

  • I believe its stored in /var/squid/cache, can't think of any reason for it not to be counted.  Take a peak at /var/squid/cache.log and see if you are storing any items ATM.  Also it will depend on how high you set the largest item to be cached and a few other settings under cache management.

  • I suspect the default value of 'largest item to cache' of 4kb has a lot to do with it.  Thanks for the tip…I'll wait a few days longer for the cache to fill.