I see two STATS in Diagnostic menu of pfSense 2.0 - Is it a bug?

  • I see two STATS in Diagnostic menu of pfSense 2.0 - Is it a bug? This is pfSense 2.0 final. I installed a few packages but nothing major. I also changed the theme but again nothing major and this happens. I can't pinpoint or confirm if this was there from beginning or not. Just running another ALIX with pfsense 2.0 (exactly same version) and I don't see this there.

    Top one points to:
    Bottom one points to:

    • Bruce

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    The first one is

    Diagnostics > States

    The second one is

    Diagnostics > States Summary

    Those are two different links to two different pages. It's possible your browser is wrapping the menu entry on the second one due to its length.

  • Sorry, I was referring to StatES and not STATS. I see two of the STATES under diagnostic menu.

    I can actually confirm that it's changing the theme that brings about this display error. I am using Chrome and at factory default all is good. The moment the theme is change it change to STATS and STATS. Changing it back to the stock theme doesn't help. I think it's a bug. Give it a try please.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    So it's a problem with the theme you are changing to, not a "bug". All of those issues are display issues with css and such which are browser-dependent. Clearing the cache and closing/opening the browser (especially with Chrome!) after any change is really a good idea when trying to find such issues.

    You also need to specify which theme you are changing to when you see the issue.

  • I can confirm that it's not a cache issue and indeed it seems to be a bug. I have tried both IE and Chrome and same result is shown with all cleared cache and all history deleted. I also tried In Private browsing for both Chrome and IE and it yielded the same result. This behavior can be replicated by simply changing theme to any of the available themes.

  • IE isn't supported and thusfore very poor reference point, try firefox/opera section

  • I think not working on Chrome should be cause enough to call it a bug; Let alone the big base of clients that IE has. Anyhow, not trying to make this a philosophical issue but I think it can qualify as a bug if it ONLY works in Firefox.

    I can't test it on Firefox as I don't have it. I can also live with the bug as it's doesn't effect the functions but it's an aesthetic issue.

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