Problem with load balanced output and server' sessions.

  • HI!
    We have two balanced FTTH lines at work (with PFSense 2.0) and works very fine. The problem is about one external server (in Amazon EC2); we are loosing the session ID with it because the balanced output.
    We don't know where to put a rule (if it is possible) to avoid this problem. We tried adding a rule in the firewall (on the LAN), but obviously have no effect.
    Anybody could help us, please?
    Thank you!!

  • somewhere in your firewall rules (on LAN site) you have put your GatewayGroup for LoadBalacing as Gateway.
    Before this rule you have to put a rules with destination IP of the server (Amazon) with only one gateway specified.

    Better way would be to create a second gateway group with both fiber lines but with different tiers. than put this as Gateway in the rule I described above. That the traffic will always pass one GW - if this one is down it will automatically failover to the second GW.

  • Ok Nachtfalke, I will try this. I hope this solve our problems.

    Thank you very much!

  • Problem solved!!

    Thank you very much.

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