Building with packages include

  • Hello for all.
    Is possible to building pfsense with some packages like snort and squid integrated ?.
    About alix boards, what is the procedure to reset to system defaults ?.

    Best Regards.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's possible, but not easy, to build in things like squid. We (pfSense commercial support) have done that for customers on request, but it is a very manual process.

    For ALIX, best bet is to reset config to defaults and then upload a firmware upgrade to ensure a clean start on the other slice.

    If you have never done a firmware upgrade, then switching to the other slice after a factory default would work.

  • Thanks.
    In the next months i plain made the subscription (very low money, everything starting from begin now) and i will request that.
    Thank you for the anwser.

    Best Regards.

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