Firewall Configuration for MultiWan 2.0?

  • Hello,
    I did look in the wiki/docs but I ended up rather confused.

    I have my PFSense 2.0 configured for load balancing via gateway configuration and failover using gateway groups, as specified in the guide, but I have no idea how to configure the firewall portion to make everything play the way it should. I also have seen mentions of exceptions needed for HTTPS and SSH, which I use.

    A step-by-step guide would be appreciated! I'd even be willing to help clean it up for submission to the guides.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    What is confusing about the guide here?

    It specifically mentions what all you need to put in firewall rules here:

    As for HTTPS, which is the only thing that some people need to handle specially (not everyone), either using sticky connections (in advanced opts.) or a separate failover group for HTTPS traffic will do the job.

    I'm not aware of anyone needing to handle SSH any differently, unless a remote site was limiting access for SSH to only one of your multiple WANs, then you'd just need a policy route to force SSH out that specific WAN… Again, not something that most people would need to worry about.

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