IGMP Proxy using OpenVPN as upstream?

  • I won't even begin to pretend that I know what I'm doing.  My internet research has lead me to believe I can route multicast traffic with IGMP Proxy.  However when I try to assign the upstream interface to be my OpenVPN interface (ovpnc1), the logs show:

    igmpproxy: ERRO: There must be at least 2 Vif's where one is upstream. (vifcount 2, upStreamVif -1)

    I've assigned my ovpnc1 to an OPT interface to be able to assign IGMP Proxy upstream to it to begin with.

    My igmpproxy.conf is as follows:

    ## Enable Quickleave mode (Sends Leave instantly)
    phyint ovpnc1 upstream ratelimit 0 threshold 1
    phyint vr0 downstream ratelimit 0 threshold 1
    phyint vr1 disabled

    Is this even possible or am I doing something totally stupid that won't ever work?

  • Just to add more info and get a bump:

    Basically what I'm trying to do is get multicast traffic through a site-to-site OpenVPN tunnel so that some remote 3com NBX VoIP phones work fully.  Without the multicast they lose some slight functionality; in-use lights, intercom, conferencing.

    Can someone give me an idea if I'm even going in the right direction here?

  • Yes this does work.
    I used this to stream media via a VPN to a PS3.

    Fram what i can read in your config: Did you configure the same subnets on both interfaces?
    You can only have one(or multiple) subnet(s) upstream and one(or multiple) subnets downstream.
    But not the same subnet up and downstream.