Set up my WAN

  • I've been having a play and worked out (no - it was obvious and needed no working out!) that if I set the WAN in pfSense to DHCP and my incoming signal through a modem router that had DHCP server capabilities then it would all work - and it did!

    Trouble is, life is a bit more complex!!  It is not a simple incoming service.  It has multiple incoming  IP addresses, most of which will be assigned as dedicated public IP addresses to some of the vLans (but some will share an address).

    The data I have is below, I'm just not sure exactly where/how I enter it!!  HELP - PLEASE!!!

    The blurb I have about the incoming is;

    Netmask: = 28

    We have set the virtual gateway as xx.yyy.11.65 so you can assign any of the following 13 addresses as your firewall IP.

    Some issues thrown up by various firewall to be aware of – MAC spoof and ARP poison – disable both of these options if you see problems such as 50% packetloss or no connection at all.

  • You probably want to look at the VIP (Virtual IP) support. There is a separate sub-forum for that, and documentation available.

  • Will do.

    Many thanks

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