NAT a hostname can I?

  • my home IP address is dynamic, therefore I setup registered it with dyno dns to come up with a hostname, now I want to allow my pfsense to allow this hostname to pass / NAT.

    But I can only put in my IP, which is fine until this changes how can i have pfsense accept my hostname instead?

    From my understanding you can create Alas and under the NAT rule use the Alias name instead of putting an IP address into this.

    When creating an Alias would the "type" be considered a "Host"? because with this option

    Some text states " Enter as many hosts as you would like. Hosts must be specified by their IP address."

    but I'm using a name instead?


  • You can put a hostname in, and from memory (a search of the forum will tell you more) it is resolved every so often to see if it has changed.

    It may be simpler to use a VPN.

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