Squid add extra delay pool

  • hi, I'm trying to setup a second delay pool apart from the default one.

    The issue I'm seeing, please correct me if Im wrong, is that the squid.conf done by the gui  defines only ONE delay pool:
    "delay_pools 1", so if I use the "Custom options" to add the second pool, I believe it wont be "read" by squid since it's wainting only one.

    Is there a way to change this default value "delay_pools 1" to "delay_pools 2"?
    or will a second delay pool work without changing it?

    thanks in advance

  • Found it:  http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,5093.0.html
    sorry about the repost…

    edited /usr/local/pkg/squid.inc  rebooted and  "delay_pools 2" shows up in squid.conf

    Im wondering how will a package upgrade affect this hack.

  • After each package upgrade you need to do these changes again in squid.inc.
    But you do not need to reboot the box for the changes to take effect. After changing the squid.inc by hand just go to Services -> Proxy Server and then just click "save" in the "general" tab and than an new squid.conf will be created.

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