[resolved]pfSense 2.0 + 2 WANs + Traffic Shaping = lag & not works - Please Help

  • Hello,
    I use pfSense 2.0 with 1 LAN, and 2 WAN interfaces. I have 2 boxes connected to the Internet (from the same company)
    I have a problem with the Trafic shaper.

    When I turn on Traffic Shaper, Internet and the web interface are lagging.

    I use the Wizard function: Single Lan multi Wan.
    I set up 1 LAN, 2 WAN with 10Mbps of Down and 1Mbps of Up each.

    And after applying rule, the Internet lags.

    I have enable and configure Load Balancing before, it work fine, the failover to.

    For information:

    • My fist box:
    • IP:
    • My second box:
    • IP:
    • My WAN Interface:
    • IP: / 24
    • Gateway: WANGW:
    • Interface: WAN(wan) -> em0
    • My WAN2 Interface:
    • IP: / 24
    • Gateway: WAN2GW:
    • Interface: WAN2(opt1) -> em2

    *My LAN Interface:

    • IP
    • Subnet:
    • Interface: LAN(lan) -> em1

    I use VMWare on Windows.
    Connexion em0 is Bridged (mode bridged in WMWare) to my LAN card 1
    Connexion em2 is Bridged (mode bridged in WMWare) to my LAN card 1
    Connexion em1 is Bridged (mode custom (VMnet9 (Bridged)) who is bridged to my LAN card 2.

    It is recommended to have 3 reels interfaces, but it’s work correctly, using only loadbalancing, so I’m not sure it is a problem to keep only 2 real interfaces.

    I have test on another computer, it is the same.

    If I disable Traffic Shaping in WAN1 or in WAN1 and WAN2, Internet works correctly.

    Any idea? Have you already test on 2 WANs?

    Thanks you in advance.


  • I have found the problem: the Trafic Shaper Wizard doesn’t create the Floating rules in the Firewall Rules.
    I had test many time, but in 1 of my 2 virtual machine it doesn’t works.

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