Internet is slower then slow trough pfsense

  • Hello,

    ive connected a adsl modem to the pfsense box and the box useses pppoe to connect to the internet.
    the rest of the network useses pfsense as default gateway.

    but through pfsense the internet is very slow…ive tested it like this:
    connected a dsl modem/router to the dsl line and pfsense. when i connect via wlan to the dslrouter the spped is nice, but when i surf through pfsense it sucks...

    a reboot of pfsense brings better speed for a few minutes or hours.

    pf sense is running on a vmware esxi box with 2 intel xeon cpu and 12 gb ram. its only with an untangle vm on the esxi host, no load.

    the esxi box is connected to the main switch with an 10gbit sfp+ connection.

    best regards

  • Is squid installed?

  • Just for argument's sake, I would down the Untangle VM and see if it makes any difference, and would do all further testing with Untangle down.  Once you get the issue sorted, THEN I would revive Untangle.

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