Passwords become invalid/changed

  • Ok, I have two 2.0 machines in a CARP setup. The CARP failover part works fine, but I'm having issues with passwords to sync configs across, the XML sync part.

    The start of this was that I was unable to access the backup machine's web gui.

    I reset the web gui password from the console and I get at the second machine that's currently backup with the default user and password. So far so good.

    Then I change something minor in the setup on the primary and save settings (just to make it sync that to the backup) and it appears to fail to sync across. That is expected since I have another password set in the virtual IP area for the XML sync. Again, so far so good.

    I set the password for the admin user on the backup to the proper one I was planning on using (the one I already have in the virtual IP settings on the primary) and try again and sync appears to fail again (yellow scrolling error message on the primary). This isn't expected.

    I try to log in on the backup machine web gui - and the exact password that I set on it for the admin user no longer works anymore, and neither does the default password.

    I was using the same password on the primary but logging in there doesn't work either anymore! At this point I'm unsure if I managed to set the password there properly either. So end result is two machines to which I don't have admin passwords on the web gui, locking me out.

    I'm hoping I'm doing something wrong here but I'm not sure what. It is not me writing the passwords in wrong - I cut and paste it out of KeePass every time just to make sure I don't screw up and enter it wrong.

  • Nevermind, I'm pretty sure this falls under the "well, duh" heading. I probably had the wrong password set on the primary as well as the "sync usernames/passwords" enabled. So when I set the admin password on the backup machine to the correct one, the XML got synced across, which reset its admin password to the wrong value which caused future syncs to fail and locked me out of the web guis.

    I reset the password on both, reset them to the proper values I want and then made sure syncing of usernames and passwords was not enabled in the virtual IP XML sync settings. So far, so good.

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