Time discrepancy between two firewall nodes

  • This one confuses me (which isn't always hard to do, granted.) :) I have two firewall machines in a CARP setup (not sure if this belongs in the CARP section or not) that are offset in time by some minutes (2 or 3).

    This in spite of me setting both machines up to use NTP. The time offset is sufficient to cause issues (plus, you really want your firewalls to be in time for searching logs and the like.)

    What could possibly be causing such a minor time offset on two machines that are identical hardware-wise, connected to the same router?

  • I seem to be answering my own questions today, but just in case anyone else stumbles across this:

    I opened a command line prompt and issued a simple: ntpdate timeserver

    That stepped the clock forward into sync and hopefully the ntp daemon will now keep it that way. Though I've yet to figure out why it went out of sync in the first place, something to keep an eye on I guess.

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