Live Streaming - problem with two pfsense boxes

  • Hi,

    a colleague of me has to use a live stream. there is a testing site and he cannot pass the test.

    On the right side the is "Live-Content-Streaming".
    After clicking on "Ausführen" there should appera a new line every second. If this isn't happening and all lines appear after 15 seconds than there is a "problem" with the firewall.

    I am using two pfsense. pfsense1 with LoadBalancing and pfsense2 with squid (transparent mode).

    I bypassed squid for the clients source IP, I do NOT use LoadBalancing for this client on pfsense1.
    I changed bothe firewall to "conservativ" but with no success.

    What could be the problem if there is one ?
    I cleared the browsers cache, tried with FF6 and IE8.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Hmm, I tested it at home with my small home router and the same issue.
    so I don't think it is related to pfsense, squid or loadbalancing.
    it's just the damn webpage ;)

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