Firewall or proxy to hidding difference between clients?

  • Hi all!

    In my home private network I have more computers that share one ADSL.

    I would that every request of each pc appears of web-server as the same, so the server don't know that in my ip I have more computer.

    In my opinion I have to hide client difference (lan IP, user-agent..)

    I need squid right? Or there is another option?

    Thanks for you help & patience.

    Regards, D.

  • By default pfsense (using NAT) will "hide" your home computers' IPs behind your public IP (assigned to you by your ISP).

    Running a full-blown Squid proxy for the sole reason of "hiding client differences" might be an overkill for a simple home network. You could change the User Agent reported by your browser, but nowadays websites track you via cookies.

    Perhaps you should check Firefox's "private browsing" and Google Chrome's "Incognito window".

  • @Dario84:

    Thanks for you answer.

    The reason of my question not is avoid web tracking, but I have to connect to a vpn server that allow just one client connection per user.

    So if I use pf sense as vpn local server (or vpn gateway?) I can connect to this vpn more computer, and at the vpn provider i appear as one client.

    Is possible?


    I believe the limitation set by the provider actually refers to the VPN connection rather than the number of clients.
    i.e.  You're limited to 1 VPN tunnel into the server for 1 user account.
    In other words, if you have pfSense tunnel into the server and use the link as a gateway, there should be no issues with multiple clients that are NAT through the link.

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