Little Help With VLANs

  • So im trying to set up 2 VLANs on 2.0 Release. I have read a few guides most saying different things like getting rid of the LAN interface and just having the VLANs (dont know how they did that, because I loose connection with the box) Others saying to configure your switch. I do have a Layer 2 switch ProCurve 1800-24g, but don't have VLANs set up through that, because I'm trying to add certain devices to one VLAN and all others to another VLAN, and not ports.

    Now the problem I have is the devices getting the proper IPs from the correct VLAN. I only use Static DHCP, and Deny unknown clients checked. But when I put the static entry into the correct VLAN, the particular device will only get an ip from the LAN side. Is there something im missing. I can post screens if someone thinks that would be easier then me trying to explaining it if anyone wants.

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