• Hi,
    I am looking to replace my via 1,2Ghz pfsense box by (To save some power, I will check power usage this weekend and post it here).

    I use quite some natting and use torrents regular. I was wondering if the alix-2d13 will be enough?
    No proxy or anything like that will be runned.

    Something that I had with my via was this. When using rtorrent on regular bases (Not on same machine!) the internet would just choke. I could then disable rtorrent and everything started working just fine.

  • Sorry, but this doesn't really make any sense.  You're going to spend $150 to save 10kWh/month.  I don't know what electricity costs where you're at, but around here that's less than $1/month, so it would take going on 15 years to pay off.

    On top of that, you've said you had performance issues with the 1.2GHz Via but you want to switch to a box with ~1/3 the CPU power.  Did you have any traffic shaping setup to prioritize your normal web/dns/mail traffic?  If not, I'd start there.  In addition, look at tuning the settings you've got in rTorrent to use fewer simultaneous connections and force it to throttle your upload and downloads to 80% of the rated max on your line.

  • CPU power isn't just the numbers. Also the server requires a disk which will eventually fail and a cooler which makes noice. Its old and I rather replace it now then have no internet for a week.
    I am an independend contracter so no internet is a serious problem.

  • i just replaced my an old 2,2Ghz Celeron by an ALIX 2d13. it's it job for more than a year now. the only perfonance issue i had was about the pfsense traffic shaper.

  • Should the alix-2d13 boot without a flash card?
    Just got my board and written the image to the flash card but when I power it on it gives 1 of the 3 lights lights on then the next and the next, then back back etc.

    My serial cable gives no output in hypertm.

  • @RpR:

    Should the alix-2d13 boot without a flash card?

    If there is no flash card, what will it boot from?


    My serial cable gives no output in hypertm.

    Perhaps you are looking for BIOS output. I don't know if the Alix will say anything if it doesn't have a bootable device.

  • I just don't get any output on my serial port.
    Going to test another pc tomorrow but I guess the alixboard is defect.

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