Load Balancing, 2 ADSL Routers, 1 WAN Interface, 1 LAN Interface

  • Hi,

    I have a pfSense box with only two interfaces. On the WAN interface I have connected a switch with two routers, one with and other with

    On the other interface I have LAN network

    I have configured two gateways, and and put default gw as

    Then I grouped those gw on a group named ADSLs and set a rule on the firewall to use ADSLs as the gw.

    But the traffic is always going through, even if I set the firewall rule to use gw instead of ADSLs

    Is this configuration possible without VLANs? How?


  • Actually in pfsense it is NOT possible to do LoadBalancing with connections on the same subnet.
    Not sure if you can create a VirtulIP on WAN so you can connect to two different subnets.

  • Thanks, I will try then to get a VLAN switch or another box with more space to put 3NICs

  • Hi,

    a VLAN swiktch should work. Perhaps you can buy a DUAL- or QUAD-port NIC

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