Annoying boot message on boot

  • Hello all!

    I got a really small yet annoying problem with my (embedded nanobsd) pfSense install,
    upon boot it asks for what image to boot:
    [1] FreeBSD
    [2] FreeBSD

    Thus pressing 'enter' and the box boots up just fine; however, as this is an embedded
    device, this requires me to serial up to the device on every single boot, just to do this
    one keypress.. as this message never times out, and thus just sits there until I do.

    If anyone could please point me in the right direction for where or what file this config option is located in,
    and this way I can give it a timeout, or just get it to boot option [1] by default, without requiring user interaction.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  • It always boots the selected active partition (from Diag>nanobsd if you want to see which that is or change it) by default, never heard of anyone having to touch anything there.

  • The settings under diag>nanobsd all seem right, the correct partition is selected.. it all appears fine.

    It should noted this is an ancient CF install on a watchguard x700, being upgraded, modified, hacked,
    countless times over the years, there is no question about it, this is no doubt my own fuckup somewhere.
    You know the drill, its buried in the rack, and its always just 'easier' to hack than fix. If it works (TM), and all that.

    The only reason the problem has come to my mind recently is an (non IT gear related, all RCCB) RCD issue that
    has caused some semi-infrequent, yet very annoying power drops (ups can only last that long, and cant
    afford diesel or independent power.. electrician has been called, its the 3rd time trying to find this @*!# fault).
    Thus I'm giving up; and making the network fully autonomous, so it can pull itself from cold->operational by itself.

    Nevermind, the only sensible approach to all this is to use this brilliant excuse to do what I've should have done
    some time ago; do a clean install, and perhaps use this opportunity to move my ass to pfSense 2.0..

    Thanks, your reply finally put some sense in me :)

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