New 2.0 installation - RRD error

  • Hi,

    today I did a fresh 2.0 installation (embedded) on my Alix Box. I did not import my old config from 1.2.3, configured the 2.0 manually.
    Everything went perfect so far.
    Due to my network structure (pfsense is behind another router) I have to give pfsense an alternate monitor IP for RRD quality graphs.
    I did it based on the doc:
    My specified IP address made it succesfully into the config, but now the quality graph is missing and I have errors in my log.

    Oct 2 14:37:14 php: /status_rrd_graph_settings.php: Creating rrd update script
    Oct 2 16:37:15 apinger: Error while feeding rrdtool: Broken pipe
    Oct 2 16:38:15 apinger: /usr/local/bin/rrdtool respawning too fast, waiting 300s.

    With 1.2.3 I had no problem to give pfsense an alternate monitor IP.


  • That's not a problem, it's normal. Disregard, we have a ticket open to silence the log message in the future.

  • Hi,

    to silence the log messages in the future is certainly correct.
    I´m not worried about these log messages, but how I get my RRD graph working now?
    What can be done on my side?


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