SSH using publickey not connecting after install 2.0

  • I have been testing to see if pfsense could be a possible solution for my environment, but ran into one issue I can not fix.

    I have about 20 servers behind a pfsense 2.0 firewall. All servers have public IP on two different gateways. Prior to connecting firewall I could send communications between the servers using trusted publickey. After connecting firewall the connections fail. All other features HTTP, FTP, SSH from internet work correctly. When I look at the firewall logs it shows. "Blocked by Default Rule"

    Running in transport mode, following instructions found

    Lan rules all all traffic/ports - I have even tried allowing all traffic/ports on wan side and it has not cured issue. Some other place I suspect that it is either truncating the commands sent or striping the computer ID.

    I have set up another firewall box running the older 1.23 version and it has same effect.

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