What is the most basic HTTP proxy (plugin) that pfSense supports?

  • I'm looking for the smallest (ie. fastest/simple/small) HTTP proxy that I can run on my pfSense box.

    All I need is support for "HTTP CONNECT" proxy requests.  (ie.  When I'm at a hotel, I'd like to use my router to proxy requests to other servers, etc;  I don't want a "normal" web-cache proxy server)

    Can anybody give me any suggestions?

  • [DISCLAIMER]This is very simple todo with *nix servers and when using this in firewall there is security risk unless you use certificates to authenticate yourself[/DISCLAIMER]

    try to download putty, then make ssh connection to your firewall.
    setup tunneling under: connection:SSH:Tunnels
    create dynamic tunnel with port 8080
    on your browser select socks5 proxy with localhost:8080
    test your connection

  • Thanks very much for the information, but I'm really looking for an HTTP CONNECT proxy.  (I'm already aware of SSH tunneling;  but again, thanks for the information and response!)

  • if i recall correctly squid can be used without caching, when changing hard disk cache size to zero

  • Thanks - I was looking at squid and I think it will work for what I want…

    How lightweight is it though?  Is there anything even more lightweight?

  • Varnish was build for reverse proxy, but can be configured as a http proxy,  but you will need a squid after it to process the requests.

    There os Also a varnish config that use Dns requests, but you will need to find a template config file for this and put at custom options.

    Varnish is lighter and much faster then squid.

    Be aware in redirecting some sites to other hosts, this may be considered a nasty config like men in the middle atack.

  • Thanks… I'll definitely look into that.

    I've also posted over in the Packages forum since I didn't realize there was a forum specifically for that.  Hopefully the double-post isn't a problem.

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