Most light-weight HTTP CONNECT proxy?

  • I've posted this over in the General Forum but I think it's more applicable here so hopefully the double-posting isn't a problem.

    Anyways - what package provides the most light-weight HTTP CONNECT proxy?

    All I want is for a proxy server to listen to port 80 (and/or 443) and support HTTP CONNECT requests to other servers.

    Example:  I'm at a hotel room and I want to "spring-board" off my router using HTTP CONNECT to connect to another public internet server.  (Yes, I know about SSH tunnels, VPNs, etc, but I'm looking for something that supports HTTP CONNECT).

    Somebody suggested Varnish (since it's more light-weight than squid?) but is there anything even more light-weight?  This is only going to be used by one person and it really only needs to support proxy connections via HTTP CONNECT.

    EDIT:  Tinyproxy looks pretty interesting but it doesn't look like pfSense has a package for it…

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