• I am triyng to build a 1:1 nat.

    My purpose; Setup an external vip (real ip) and forward all traffic incoming on this vip to an internal ip.
    For now, I only managed to run this setup with Carp type vip. But when I setup a carp type interface I see a huge trafic on my wan interface. (like 10Mbits, normally it's 1Mbits). (Is this normal???)

    I couldn't setup this scenario with proxyarp type and other type vips.(Is this normal ???)…

    Thanks for any help...

  • CARP is sending out heartbeat broadcasts as it usually is to build clusters (redundant setups). However I have not yet seen it causing 10 mbit/s traffic. ProxyARP should work as well, as it is also generating layer2 Traffic like CARP for the VIP. What is in front of your system at WAN? Sometimes it's a problem with the ARP-Cache of the device in front of you. Try to power this system down for a bit (bridged cablemodems for example are known to have ARP issues sometimes).

  • My WAN is a C-class subnet. In this subnet, we have a heavy working firewall (the firewall that I try to migrate from) and a couple of network servers. I don't see that WAN traffic on other interfaces. So this traffic is not my LAN's traffic. Is it possible , WAN interface is sniffing wan traffic ???

    So you say I sould setup this kind of a connection with proxyarp type VIPs?

  • It depends what you want to do. If you easily want to add a a failovernode later use CARP. Btw, these broadcasts won't leave the WAN subnet.

  • Finally I did what I want… :)

    1 - I've created a vip (proxyarp).
    2 - I've added a 1:1 nat for my LAN ip for vip
    3 - I've added a port-forward for My LAN ip for ports 1-65500

    Now it work properly...

    But I couldn't solve high traffic on carp vips. ???