Several problems related to Captive Portal

  • hi,
    I have installed pfSense 2.0 and found there are several problems related to Captive Portal :-(
    1. None records can be deleted in 'Pass-Through MAC' page. Every time I click on the delete icon and the "OK" button on the followed conform window, the record still there.
    2. Most of the parameters cannot be changed in the "Captive portal(s)" page. For example, if I changed the "Hard timeout" parameter and click "save" button, everything does not changed, the "Hard timeout" still be 60.
    3. This is not related to Captive Portal. If I opened status_queues.php, the browser would told me "The page isn't redirecting properly", and I can see these error in log:

    Oct 3 14:22:58 	php: /status_queues.php: The command '/usr/local/sbin/qstats -p /var/run/' returned exit code '127', the output was '/usr/local/sbin/qstats: not found'
    Oct 3 14:22:58 	php: /status_queues.php: Something wrong happened during comunication with stat gathering

    4. I added some hosts to IP-Address Pass-Through in Captive Portal, most of them can access Internet without problems, but one computer is strange. It cannot access Internet however IP address I set to it. If I run "ping -t", I could see the latency is only 14ms at first, but after about 8 packages, the latency start to increase. At about 15th package, it reached nearly 5 seconds.

    BTW: I have synced to IPv6 code, are these problems caused by this? Shall I post this thread to IPv6 area? Thanks.
    BTW: The git commit is "076b14b209"

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