CARP strange bandwidth problem

  • Hi,

    I have a "problem" with my pfsense when i'm using CARP.

    Let me summon it up:

    physical server dell r610 running vmware esxi 5.0, with a vmware pfsense on top.

    My setup:

    Server A:, gateway
    Server B:, gateway

    when i transfer a file from server A to server B i get full usage of my 1gbit link in my HP switch.

    When i enable carp on OPT1 so the conf looks like this:
    OPT1: // VIP

    Then i only get half the performance (470mbit). Is this expected behaviour? If i change the gateway on the server A to the transfer rate increases to 1gbit…

    I've just attached a screenshot of the interface graph in the switch...

  • I've just noticed that if i change the VIP in PfSense from CARP to IP Alias, then the problem disappears.

    Any thoughts?

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