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  • I am trying to set up some form of packet priority, Ive got 12 users mostly kids playing online games like warcraft3 type or shooter games on my network with pfsense ive got att dsl 6mb down 768 up it rarely if ever will get those rates, when I do a speedtest, rates are all over the place, I wo not want to allocate bandwidth just packet processing.

    I have dry dsl with no phone line and we have 1 nettalk duo in the house on the lan for voice calls, everyone complains about the spotty ness of the call quality.

    I want to give its mac or IP address priority in packet processing under all circumstances, whatever it needs I want to let it have 1st choice or que in the data stream to give it the best chance of call quality and performance.

    Im not asking for someone to hold my hand, (allthough that would be nice) Im just needing a place to start, Ive found the firewall traffic shaper, priq, hfsc I dont understand how to make it all come together for my needs.

    Thank you

  • I don't understand it fully but you should be okay following the wizards. Just put in some conservative numbers for up/down bandwidth and then use a static/reserved IP for the phone and put that in there. VoIP will have priority over everything else just like you want.

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