Traffic Shaping Limiter and high Ping times.

  • Hi Guys,

    When allocating traffic shaping bandwidth limiters to allowed users on Firewall:Rules:LAN, I've noticed Ping times to the PFsense router increases from 40ms to 200ms - 399ms.

    I would like to know if there is something I am doing wrong or am I missing a step. I have looked at the documentation and it has helped, to a point.

    Here is my set up.

    I do not do Aliases. I've given fixed IP Addresses to all LAN systems on the network. All systems with access to the internet are listed under Firewall:Rules:LAN. There are about 15 at the moment.

    Under the Traffic Shaping Limiter, I've created 4 limiters.

    1. 784 Down
    2. 512 Up
    3. 512 Down
    4. 384 Up

    These limiters are then allocated on a per user basis. When all is applied, firewall states reset and rebooted…Ping times to the pfsense router are very high.

    Is this normal behavior? Perhaps there is a better way, can you tell me how?

    thanks for your help, Jits.

  • Hi.. I'm bumping this because I'd like to assign traffic shaping rules.

    Is it normal for applied traffic shaping rules to the LAN segment to result in high ping times to the Pfsense router? Between 200-300ms..

  • That never happens to me, and i had 2 torrent clients shapped before. The response time from my pfsense is always 1ms, 2 at max. what's your machine hardware?

  • Tomax,

    could you share your shaper configuration? In other posts (,42003.0.html) I've said that same issue is happening to me and one member of the group told me is due to ping is catched by the default queue.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks in advance

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