Multi WAN + firewall redundancy

  • Hello there,

    i'm doing  my final year project , i just wanna ask whether it is possible todo multi WAN + firewall redundancy using pfsense. My intended  setup will be like this:

    –---ISP 1                                                                    [Pfsense] configure as firewall(backup) –-------
                  |-----[Pfsense](configure as load balancer) –----|                                                                  [switch]–--------------------- workstation (desktop, laptop, other network peripheral)
    -----ISP 2                                                                    [pfsense] configure as firewall (primary)–-------

    any reply will be highly appreciated  ::)

  • Are you asking that can you setup loadbalancing with carp(firewall failover)?
    Your topology image broke down with my screen settings

  • this is the propose network design.

  • Without the knowledge of how you want to use ip-addresses i think that it could be done, but you loose failover properties because of single point of failure(which are loadbalancer pfsense and switches)

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