• broadband 1–-----                                                                    --- Ftp Server   
                              --- Dual Wan router --- Netscreen 25 Firewall------- Web Server
    broadband 2-------                                                                    --- Mail Server

    In Broadband use public IP (for example to web server , to ftp server and to mail server )
    but via Dual Wan Router change the private IP Eg. 192.168.X.X
    and Netscreen 25 Firewall Wan port will setup the 192.168.X.X IP and Lan Port setup 10.X.X.X
    If  want to can go to web server ?
    If port forward the http port can forward form dual wan router to web server ?

    which dual wan router model can do above funation ?


  • Why not just use pfSense  ;D

  • Looks to me like if you could drop the dual-wan-router and the netscreen and just use 1 pfSense (unless you use something special not mentioned in your post).