NAT the same port for all gateways

  • Hello,

    I do not know how to set this correctly (may be it silly), but I need to have a port forwarded to an internal machine from all the available WANs.

    Maybe it can be done by NATing the port to a WAN group, and if from outside they select the WAN1 or WAN2, then the NAT will occur from this WAN.

    I am trying to make a "WAN failover" from outside networks.

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    1. Create host alias, with your public ip's
    2. Create port forward rule with this alias as destination

    But how the nat work with this, don't know

  • Thank you.

    But why destination? It is inbound NAT. I just need to make sure that if one of the WANs is down, the clients from outside the network can use the other to access a service inside the company (like ex. a web server).

    They can use either: -> WAN IP of WAN1 -> inbound NAT port 80 to internal server -> WAN IP of WAN2 -> inbound NAT port 80 to internal server

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  • Destination because:
    Source, from where you can connect and this rule is valid
    Destination, what ip's you listen
    Redirect: to where this trafic is sent

    That's why i mentioned, that your public ip alias should be at destination.

  • Thank you, I see the point.

    Do I have to create outbound NAT rules for every inbound one?



  • I think that pfsense knows where to send trafic, but test it. if only one ip is working in bothways then you need manual outbound nats

  • Thank you very much for your help.

    I have created a test rule based on instructions found in Docs, and it works OK, it just required a reboot of the Alix to work.

    I will post back if any other problem occur.



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