Traffic limiter by destination address

  • We have a lot of people syncing files to an online service. It is sucking the pipe dry, even the ones we shaped for priority. I considered a limiter, but in reality I wanted to lower the priority. Using HFSC, I am thinking it makes sense to create a floating rule and assigning to the "lower priority" queue based on destination. I don't see a clean way to do this with limiter, since the protocol is "http/https" and I really want to address the destination, not all http/https traffic.

    Is this a valid approach?

  • if you already have shaping in use and have queus with reasonable speeds for this task, you could try to create firewall rule.
    there you can determine destination and with use of alias you can determine needed ports. and using advanced section you can determine what queue it will use

  • The source port on the lan will be high/dynamic. It will always be tcp. The destination port will always be 80/443. So my best way in dealing with this will be by destination network(s).

    so my question was and still is the same.

  • Really rare occassions you need to adjust source ports, but i mentioned needed ports. that may include 80 & 443, and not 80:443

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