So many spare parts, not sure where to go.

  • Goals for pfsense:
    1. VPN, supporting no more than 3 concurrent sessions.
    2. Handles 1 xbox, 2 laptops, 1 file server (just dishing out movies and tv shows to LAN clients and running utorrent 24/7), 1 gaming pc, 2 android devices.
    3. Handles firewalling between all devices. I want to restrict which devices can talk to each other and over what ports.
    4. 50/10 connection from WAN.
    5. Gigabit internal speeds between networked machines.

    Parts I already have:
    1. 2x Quad Intel 1Gbit nics (PCIe).
    2. Ugly frankenstein machine, old file server running 8Gb of DDR2 on an Athlon 7850 Black Edition on a GA-MA785GM-US2H
    3. Dell R710 (possible to do ESXi with it). 2x E5606 Xeons, 16gb of ram, etc.

    With this slew of hardware I have multiple options, not to mention that I don't mind throwing a bit of money to make it all look nice and maybe get more appropriate equipment.

    I want to keep the pfsense router to a low wattage machine in a 1u or 2u rackmount.

  • So, what are your questions?

    Have you already searched the forum and read the documentation, such as the hardware sizing guide?

  • I think your R710 is OVERKILL.  I save this for heavy file server/gaming host server.  I look for a low voltage solution if you like dell servers check out the r410 lower voltage server.  It a nive server and we have 5 or 10 in rack now at work.

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