How Can I Turn Off The Shaper?

  • Version 2.0

    When I click "remove shaper" nothing happens. It is limiting bandwidth which is my current issue. Apparently I cannot use about 30% of my lines speed and since I am no longer using VOIP on this line I need to disable it. I tried to go into each shaper and uncheck "Enable" then save, but there are several that say there is already a default. How can I force it off? Thanks

  • Remove shaper should do exactly that.  If you are still experiencing issues, double check your modem by connecting directly and performing a speed test.  I'v ehad this issue myself, before, and learned that there was an issue with my DSL2 link that was the actual limiting factor.  A call to the ISP resolved it once a tech came and found a faulty bridge that had allowed water to seep into it.

    If you still experience issues, double check the limiters page, and make sure that all floating rules are removed (which should have happened then you clicked remove shaper).

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