Upgrade PfSense 1.2.3-RELEASE to 2.0-RELEASE

  • Hi,

    I have the PfSense with a fine configuration in the version 1.2.3 Dec 2009. My question is: If i upgrade to 2.0-RELEASE i can to restore the XML configuration file (backup of 1.2.3-RELEASE) with my personal modifications in the 2.0-RELEASE?  ???

  • No, they are not compatible.

    to upgrade, you can do this:

    • backup your 1.2.3(xml)

    • remove all packages

    • upgrade (via gui or console)

    • reinstall your packages

    to roll back:

    • reinstall 1.2.3

    • restore your backup

    • reinstall your packages

  • I have to do a similar upgrade but my 1.2.3 box is running a proxy server, a load balancer, 4 ipsec tunnels and 2 openvpns. I'd like to know if, apart removing packages, it is safe to upgrade in such a condition and all the settings are going to be restored or if this is going to cause problems and I have to reconfigure parts of the system.
    Moreover, my system is running with a GEOM mirror, I guess this is not a problem for the upgrade too.

  • Test upgrade on lab before upgrade on production server.

    The package uninstall is to prevent hours waiting package reinstalation issue in some boxes.

    You can try upgrade without removing openvpn

  • Thanks but I don't have boxes to set up as test machines, I can do only on a virtual machine to test….

  • Ok, no problem on testing upgrade on vm.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can restore a 1.2.3 backup to 2.0 directly. You do not need to do a firmware update. The config will be upgraded either way.

  • You can restore a 1.2.3 backup to 2.0 directly. You do not need to do a firmware update. The config will be upgraded either way.

    Are you saying I should be able to take my 1.2.3 xml configuration file and apply it in version 2.0?

    I ask because that is what I'm trying to do but the system hangs at "configuring firewall…" after rebooting.  I don't believe I have a complicated configuration.  Just an IPSec tunnel, one NAT entry and some firewall rules.

    Should I start a new thread?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Yes, unless there is something in the config causing invalid xml, you can restore a 1.2.3 config to 2.0.

  • Hi,

    I realize this is quite an old thread, but I am trying to restore a 1.2.3 config to a 2.0 machine and I am experiencing problems. The Restore process seems to work and after the reboot the config looks good, however the web interface is apparently broken - you can navigate to the main page, but clicking on any of the menu items causes the web interface to become unresponsive.

    It might be worth mentioning that the hardware on the 1.2.3 and the 2.0 firewalls are identical and the 2.0 firewall is NOT on the network yet - its replacing a live firewall, so I need to be sure its working before I connect it - I am not sure if this could cause any side effects.

    Can anyone give me any pointers???? - Thanks!


  • If you are using internet explorer to access gui, then that's your problem. Try to use a chrome for firefox

  • Hello guys, I´m having the same issue to upgrade. The packages to be removed are the original ones? I mean the "1.2.3-relaese packages", because the "Installed packages" I have none.

    Jorge Eston

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