CARP Setup working - Automatic NAT = OK; Manual NAT = Failing…

  • I've got a normal CARP setup which works "normally" - if i power down / kill the master router then it falls back with minimal/no loss of service however once I turn on Manual NAT so I can have the outbound source address set to the Virtual floating IP of the CARP interface and then fail over a box it goes haywire with massive (upto 50%) loss.

    When I turn on the manual outbound NAT there is 6 rules generated. These are:

    • localhost to wan

    • localhost to wan port 500 (Static)

    • pfsync to wan

    • pfsync to wan port 500 (Static)

    • lan to wan

    • lan to wan port 500 (Static)

    I've tried with removing various combinations of rules in case any were interfering, and have also tried using static ports but I still experience the loss, and am now at a total "loss" of what to do (pun not intended :/ ).
    This is running 2.0-release.

  • Wait some seconds until your switch flush mac address table.

    Also connect to your switch and see if there is any problem with mac table(full) or cpu usage.

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