Is it possible to install "Development Tools" on pfSense ? ( Java Package )

  • Hello all ,

    I would like to install Java enviorment on a pfSense ,
    due to licensing issue , it must be compiled ( download the source to /usr/ports/distfiles ) ,
    however , default pfSense do not have "Development Tools" such as the command " make " ,
    I tried to installed " Development Kernel " but no helps.

    Is there any way to install the "Development Tools" to a pfSense box ?
    Any suggestion ?

  • Build everything on a FreeBSD installation and then copy it over to the pfSense.

  • Now I have use another Freebsd to build the package ,
    and copy to the pfSense box , (Freebsd 8.1 to pfSense 2.0 )
    java is now working , however ,
    I would like to ask is that possible to install the tools ,
    such as gcc/make/gmake to a pfSense box ,
    then extract the ports to it.

    I love pfSense GUI interface for PF rules management ,
    Although I could install 2 servers , one for pfSense another for Freebsd ,
    I think it is not economy ,
    I found no information to install a pfSense GUI to a running Freebsd ,
    I try to revert the way , to install "Development Tools" to a pfSense box ,
    make it to be a production server.

  • Why to weaken firewall by doing unnecessary tasks in there? economic or not firewall isn't server

  • I am an engineer of a data center.

    Some of our cilents , need email and web service ,
    they don't need powerful servers but seek of security ,
    for a quad core server , serve pf and web , it should be powerful enough ,
    I don't think any issue of weak the firewall.

    I could not find a GUI tools can manage pf rules ,
    such powerful as pfSense could be installed on a pure Freebsd ,
    so I decided to have a try , to build an enviorment that have pfSense ,
    also with freebsd development tools .

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Still not recommended. There is no way to get all of the required compilers, headers, tools, etc, on there and still have a system one would consider secure and usable.

    If you must share hardware, I'd suggest using a VM setup like ESX and make a pfSense VM and a separate VM for your other services.

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