Application proxies - Advanced features

  • Hi All,

    My dream is use pfsense as a complete application filter, beyond all the features that it already has:
    smtp, pop3 proxy to filter spams and virus;
    http proxy to filter virus and content.

    Some Linux appliances do this, however these same have a lot of missed features that pfsense has already done, including stability and 5 9's!!.

    Somebody already obtained this? I would like to work on it.


  • Check the packagesection in cvs. There are some unfinished packages for what you mentioned already: (they are hidden from the packages menu in the webgui for releng as they don't work yet). Maybe you can try to finish/fix them if you are interested. Work on these have been going slow so we appreciate any help with it.

  • Hoba,

    Thanks for reply. I´ll look these packages and post my evolution.


  • Good luck :)