Port forwarding not working from outside but works from the inside

  • Hi,

    I've created a portforwarding for sickbeard.

    So I forwarded 8081 to my server
    If I give my dyndns name example.dyndns.org:8081 I can't connect from outside the firewall. But If do it from inside my lan it just works perfectly.

    Also If I use my apache server to proxy for sickbeard it also works.

    Having the same issue with sabnbzd but only with http.
    If have configured sabnbzd to run on port 8080 (http) and port 9090 for https.

    Https works but 8080 don't. Tried to change the ports but that didn't changed anything.

  • Please post a screenshot of your WAN firewall and port forwarding rules.

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