Comcast Metro Ethernet Routing

  • This morning I had Comcast's Metro Ethernet installed at my business to replace my backup DSL line.  The go-live didn't go smoothly because they did not deliver what I was expecting them to deliver.

    I was expecting a routed /27, instead, I got a /30 along with a /27 that I'm expected to route myself.  The /30 is a problem off the bat because I use two boxes & CARP, so I need a /29 instead of the /30, but even after they deliver that, I'm not exactly sure how I go about setting this up in my pfSense boxes.

    Do I setup the WAN2 interfaces as two of the IPs from the /29, with a 3rd IP for CARP, and then just add the IPs from the /27 as Proxy-ARP?  I need the /27 block to respond to pings, so as I understand it I can't use Proxy-ARP, but CARP IPs need to be on the same network as the physical interface, so I can't use those either.

    Any and all help is appreciated.

  • Eh, doesn't matter.  I talked to the project manager earlier today and Comcast is supposed to be making some "network configuration changes" to directly hand off the /27 at their switch.

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