PCIe to PCI-X adapter/risers for Intel PRO/1000 MT (Quad)?

  • I bought a dead server off of ebay and to my astonishment, there were two Intel PRO/1000 MTs (Quad Port) inside.  I popped them into a server at work to test them and they work great!  Anyways, PCI-X is hard to find for a SFF system or even main-stream motherboard.  So, I'm looking for a riser card that can adapt these cards to PCIe.  I was hoping StarTech might make something like this, but alas, all I found was PCIe to PCI.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

    I'm also up for a trade if anyone is interested.

  • I know they make them as my Dell 2950 III servers have PCI-X slots spec'd and they utilize a riser adapter to connect to the PCIe x8 slots onboard. So lets see what I can find. Here's one from SuperMicro so we're making progress: http://www.amazon.com/Supermicro-CSE-RR2UE-AX-riser-CSE-RR2UE-AX/dp/B0002Q8TL4. I found it on Google with a MUCH better picture. I also like "Product Type - Replacement Lamp"… Oh really? Didn't know that was a lamp lol.

    Looks like it has an x8 main slot and a backwards x1 slot. Not sure if that needs the backwards slot or if it will even work in a non-supermicro board. There don't seem to be many of those type of adapters available. Ah ha, that extra slot is the SEPC (Supermicro Extended Power Connector), basically it provides the power to that chipset on the riser I'd guess, the x8 is the bus/power for the slots. I'd say it won't work unless you have a SuperMicro board.

    I did come across this: http://www.plxtech.com/PEX8114. Looks like it's universal; no idea on cost, availability or anything like that. Some info on it: http://www.plxtech.com/files/pdf/apps/ExpApp51_Riser_card.pdf

  • I've only seen PCI-e x1 to PCI (non-extended) so far here:

    It's only specified for 32bit/ 33Mhz though.  However, the actual chip technically allows for 66MHz operation so YMMV.

  • I came across the PLXTech stuff too.  Still trying to find a vendor.  The I am also waiting on an e-mail back from SuperMicro.  I'll keep looking.  Thank you all so far.

  • Did a quick search and it doesn't seem like any vendors do up a PCI-e to PCI-X bridge using the PEX8114, only PCI-X to PCIe.

    Also, the cheaper PCIe x1 to PCI adaptors like the one that I posted seems to be h/w locked into 33MHz mode only.  The Supermicro variant has the h/w settings set to allow 66MHz.

    TBH, the cost of such an adapter is so high that you're better off selling the MT cards you have to fund a PCI-e nic instead.  Such adapters are only used if you have a really expensive PCI-X card.
    e.g. HBAs or 10GBe NICs that you need to port to a PCIe only system and buying a new PCIe variant costs several times that of the adapter.

    For instance, there is a company that makes a PCIe x1 adapter with external PCI or PCI-X box.  The basic variant comprising of a PCIe x1 host card and an external box with 2 x PCI 32/33 slots already costs US$1.2k.  The 4 x PCI-X box with host card costs about US$2.4k.

    Only really makes sense if you need to port a couple of really expensive HBAs or 10GBe NICs that costs $1k-2k each.

  • Does it need to be rack-mount?

    Dell Precision 490 and 690 each come with 2x PCI-X slots on their motherboard. Also, I've seen guys mount these motherboards in generic 4U chassis before too. The P490 boxes run as "desktop" too and fit sideways into a 4U config - you just need a shelf if you want to rack it.

    Those cards also work/function in a PCI slot if you are ever in a bind.

  • I only found 3 from SuperMicro that will fit the bill:

    RSC-RR1UE-AXL (PCIex8 -> 1x PCI-X) ($60-90)
    CSE-RR2UE-AX (PCIex8 -> 3x PCI-X) ($99-140)
    RSC-R1UEP-A2X (PCIex16 -> 2x PCI-X) ($90-110)

    I've been told that some of the SuperMicro stuff is proprietary to their boards as well. I also got an e-mail back from PLX and they don't sell direct to end-users and wouldn't give me a list of resellers (odd).  I don't really want to spend a lot of money either.  If anyone is interested, I'm willing to trade both of my cards for one Intel Quad-Port PCIe card, two Intel Dual-Port PCIe cards, or even a mITX/mATX board with dual intel NICs.  pfSense compatible of course.  PM me if you are interested.

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