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  • I have hit some major problems here and I'm desperate for some help.

    The situation is that we are changing ISP on Tuesday so I need to solve things urgently.

    I have a setup where there are a dozen vLans - but that's the next bit in what I'm trying to do, so that's not important here.  I have the internet going into one LAN card on my pfSense box and my laptop connected to the other (so I'm currently using it on the LAN interface and not one of the vLan ones).

    The internet connection is a good/fast one - it measures about 20Mb if I connect the laptop directly to it.  However, if I go through the pfSense box, the speed drops to less than .24Mb (speedtest.nnet seems to have locked).  Now I was tearing my hair out on this, so I connected up a different broadband and it worked fine (my internet connection that I'm going over to on Tuesday does not DHCP its settings so I even copied this by manually entered the settings of this 'temporary connection').

    Does anyone have any idea why the connection is so very slow when using pfSense.  Have I got the gateway settings somehow wrong?

  • That is a problem.
    When you speed test your pfsense box is your CPU usage high? What about RAM usage?
    What happens if you put a fresh install of pfsense in place temporarily?
    Finally I would ask are you doing any kind of QoS or traffic shaping?

    Hopefully these questions may lead you in the right direction. There are so many variables that it would be impossible to say right now.

  • Dashboard shows

    Version 2.0-RC3 (amd64)
    Update available. Click Here to view update.
    CPU Type AMD Athlon™ II Neo N36L Dual-Core Processor
    CPU usage   2%
    Memory usage 13% 
    SWAP usage   0%
    Disk usage           0%

    Traffic shaping is turned off.

  • perhaps some problems with your NIC or driver. could you change the NIC?

  • not easily or in time.

    The strange thing is that it works on a different connection - so the hardware must be OK

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