Some questions about FX5620

  • Hi,
    I im looking to buy a firewall and have been looking at the "FX5620 6 NIC Firewall/Router Platform"

    Its kinda expensive so it would be nice to have some more info about it.
    Anyone here that has one or used one?

    Whats your impression about it? Is it as good as it seems?
    Would you recommend it? Or are there any alternetives around?

    Do you know whats the throughput it handles between the interfaces,
    like between WAN<->LAN?


  • the Via C3 is nice. Using FreeBSD 4.11 based m0n0 I have throughput of about 90Mbps from LAN to WAN using that cpu. Should be a bit lower using pfSense.

  • I have 2 of these systems at customers sites and they have been running without any issues. You can expect near 100 mbit/s wirespeed (which comes down to around 90 mbit/s) with these lan to wan, even with pfSense. Btw, the new m0n0 releases (1.3 branch) is not any faster than pfSense.I benched both on a wrap and they perform identically. Must be related to the underlaying freebsd 6.2. Afaik if you use a 4.11 based m0n0 on these you will be missing support for the 1 gigabit interface.
    They are nice units. I can recommend them (and they are one of our recommended vendors as well as they donated such a system for developement).

  • I've got one with a 4 GB microdrive.  It's a little bigger than I'd expected (that'll teach me to check the dimensions :)) but initial impressions are good.

    And, to be honest, it's not that expensive when you look at what you get - use one of the 3 port Lex barebones from the same site as reference (then add memory to the cost of the Lex).

  • Thx all for the replies.
    Have orderd one now, it seems to be perfect for me.