2 WAN - News client question

  • I have a 2 WAN setup 40mbps x2, both gateways in the group are green. I have configured the default LAN net rule to use the gateway.

    If I refresh a page such as www.whatismyip.com I do eventually see both WAN IPs appear.

    Speakeasy speedtest shows mostly the correct bandwidth.

    And now for the problem…
    My news client (SABnzbd) is only getting 40mbps download rather than 80mbps. The client is setup to use 8 concurrent connections and sticky connections are disabled.

    When I look at the Status:Traffic page only one WAN interface shows any traffic. Thoughts?

    Thank you for any assistance,

  • you need to have a firewall rule setup on your LAN interface to direct traffic from the computer with sabnzb through the gateway group you created that has both WANs

    you may want to bump up the number of connections to your NSP from 8, to 12.
    also, 99% of binary NSP's out there dont allow more then 1 IP to be connected at any given time, so you are going to need to have 2 service providers for this scheme to work, since you have dual WAN's and each interface is assigned a unique IP

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