Muli-WAN Troubles

  • Hello,
    We are setting up a PFsense2.0 as a Multi-Wan firewall. We chose PFsense because we have used it as a Multi-Wan solution without any issues. Our goal is simple; to send all web traffic (port 80) out of the secondary circuit and all mail,VPN,RDP,etc  via the T1 line.
    It looks as though we have everything setup properly or just like our other Multi-Wan firewall but any rule that we direct out of the secondary circuit will not pass. I have set those rules in question to be logged and it the rule is passing the traffic. So it looks like the rule isn’t the issue but a networking problem. The secondary circuit does work if I plug directly into it. I have tried on PFsense to setup the WAN2 as DHCP and static but both with the same results.  From a workstation I can ping the WAN2 interface but cannot ping its gateway.
    Let me know if there are any details that need clearification.
    Please help??  Any advice is appreciated.

  • can you send your lan rules to view?

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