FX5620 - how to install version 2?

  • Hi,

    Did someone manage to install pfSense 2.0 on such a box? With version 1.2.3, it runs ok, but not with version 2 (direct install or upgrading from version 1.2.3)

    I can install from a CD drive, it boots, then after a while it reboots without any explanation, I never get to the installation part or live CD…

    Did some one have this problem and solve it?


    NB: @bluebird - sorry for reasking your question.

  • I have v2 working "more or less" on a FX5620. I did an upgrade from 1.2.3.

    I have packet loss on the rl0 WAN2 interface (40% in 10baseT). It seems to be a problem between the FX5620 and the Zyxel router that's behind it. I had a similar problem with v1.2.3 and putting the interface in 10baseT/UTP (half/duplex) had solved it. Apparently this trick doesn't work with v2.

  • The packet loss was due to a quite different problem: one of the gateways had been duplicated at the time of the upgrade. It appeared twice on the "gateways" section of config.xml, once as "dynamic" and once with a static address.

    The same gateway, wich the pfsense upgrade had renamed from "opt1" to "GW_OPT1" appeared as "opt1" in some of the rules in the "filter" section of config.xml.

    I've corrected both problems by hand (Diagnostics-> Edit file-> [conf-> config.xml]) and now v2 seems to be working properly on the FX5620.


  • I'm still having the same problems.

    Rigius, did you try a clean install as well?

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