NAT didnt work

  • Hello guys,

    i think my NAT rules dont work.

    I cant access externalip:81, not from our company network and not from my private internet connection.

    Anyone a idea to fix?

    Bets regards

  • Please post screenshots from your NAT and firewall entries.

  • For NAtted addresses to work from within, you got to have NAT reflection, otherwise it will not work.

    2 things that happened to me and you should check:

    1. Do the destination NATted IPs ( and have the pfsense box as gateway?

    2. Did you reboot the unit after creating the NAT rules?



  • Don't you missed destination port?

  • Hello,
    ive checked all things.

    but from the LAN network i cant reach externalip:81. from any aother internet connection it works. but from the LAN network behind pfsense a didnt have success to get a connection over the internet to our natted servers. but we need this.

    Ive diabled nat reflection.
    any idea?

    Bets regards

  • You have to enable NAT reflection for you to get to internal IPs using the External IP from behind the firewall.

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